Monday, 26 January 2015

4 month baby & mummy update

It's hard to believe 4 whole months have passed since little Squidge entered our lives, it's hard to remember what life was like before he was a part of it.  It feels like he's doing something new every day at the moment.  There was a point about a week or so ago where he seemed to all of a sudden be doing so much more, amazing to see.

Squidge all dressed up

He's fully in age 3-6 months now and has been for about a week - trouser legs are still a bit long, and tops are a big baggy, but 0-3 months are just too small - he's also progressed to the next size of socks (0-6 months) - as much as he has big feet and long legs, I have to remember that he's a really small baby, still in the 5th percentile.  I've also discovered how much I love Zara baby clothes - I love how they're different from what you can pick up everywhere else, and such great quality.  I bought some navy blue corduroys the other day, they're so incredibly soft!

Teething baby

Yep, he's teething, and it's been horrific.  I won't go into it too much as I blogged about it here, but basically he's been chewing his fists, drooling lots, very grouchy and grizzly, and has very rough patches on his gums.  We've found that Dentinox has really helped, and Ashton & Parsons teething powder.  I've also realised I need to get some baby feeding spoons as the only spoon I could give him the powder on was a normal teaspoon, not ideal as it can't be steralised.

sleeping baby

He's still sleeping well, he goes down about 8:30/9:00pm and sleeps through until about 8am - although he does grizzle a bit from about 6am - but it's usually when his dummy has popped out, so I just pop it back in and he goes back to sleep.  The last couple of nights, since the teething, he's been waking about 2:30am and grizzling, but again, just popping his dummy back in makes him go back to sleep.  After chatting to other mummies at the mummy club I go to I realised just how lucky I am that he is sleeping through the night already :)

Feeding time

His feeds have been going really well.  He's feeding every 3 hours (so, 8am, 11am, 2pm, 5pm & 8pm) and has about 5-6oz per feed in about 10-20 mins.  I tend to feed him on about a 45 degree angle (used to feed him sat very upright) as I find it's easier to burp him afterwards if I feed him that way.  I love how we have this routine now, it's so much easier for me and him knowing where we are

Happy baby sitting up

Apart from smiling all the time (making my heart melt) he's also reaching and grasping at toys, he even held a rattle the other day and waved it around :) He's developed a love for his giraffe comforter, he loves how soft it is and how chewable it is :)  He's rolled over onto his side a couple of times when he's on something squishy, still early days though.  He loves sitting up, it's his favourite, although he can't do it unaided, he still loves being upright.  He's cooing like crazy, chatting away and making some very explosive sounds, some of which are very high pitched!  All in all he seems to be coming along great :)

Sunday, 25 January 2015

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

The hardest week so far...

Squidge on a tough day

I never thought being a mummy would be easy, and I know there's nothing anyone can say that'll prepare you for how wonderful, and how tough it is.  But this last week has pushed my limits.

Basically we're teething.  On Saturday afternoon, Squidge started whining, these really high-pitched squeaky whines.  We thought nothing of it other than him finding his voice more.  Then the whines turned into big scary cries, the kind of cries that nearly had us taking him to A&E as he sounded like someone was ripping his arm off.  Panicked and stressed, we stripped him down to check for rashes or marks and he seemed fine, checked his temp that was fine too.  We'd noticed he'd been drooling a lot in the day and chewing his hands, so we tried some Dentanox teething gel which seemed to help. He was over tired too, so we took him for a drive which sent him to sleep, but only for half an hour.

Sunday came and went, a fair amount of crying but it'd subside with the teething gel.  Monday was a good day, he managed to have decent naps in the day so his mood was greatly improved.  Then Tuesday came... Tuesday was a horrible day.  He refused to nap (he usually has about 2-3 hrs in the morning, then about an hour after each feed in the day) and I ended up spending about 8 hours (in total) walking around the house with him and trying anything I could to get him to sleep while he was crying (tried his rocker too, poddle pod, moses basket, cot... everything!).  What made it worse, the plumber was here flushing our radiators, so the front door was open all afternoon (when it was snowing outside) so I couldn't take him downstairs where he has his day naps as it was too cold, and there was a lot of noise from knocking pipes etc.

Every time I managed to get him to sleep, 20 mins later he'd be awake, whether by his own doing or being woken up by banging pipes.  Then we come to today... today has been testing.  The morning started off well, he didn't have as long to nap as usual, he had 1.5 hours - from that point, if he's awake, he's crying or whining or screaming... nothing settles him... I ended up joining him in the meltdown, I just didn't know what to do as nothing made him happy.  He had a dry nappy, food in his belly, I tried his play mat, snug seat, bouncer, my lap, shoulder and chest, nothing - just crying and tears the whole time.  I gave him teething gel and nelsons powder too, neither of which helped.

When times are like this, I honestly don't know how people cope... I coped by crying my way through it with Squidge.  Today it dawned on me just how tough being a mummy can be, but you know what, I'm here, it's late afternoon, he's FINALLY settled down and I'm still here.  I wasn't sure if this post would be over-sharing a bit, but I'm glad I've written it, it was cathartic to write, and you never know, another mummy having a terrible few days like I've had might stumble on this and not feel alone. We're not alone, as much as it can feel like that sometimes.

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