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Fisher Price Newborn to Toddler Play mat

Fisher Price Newborn to Toddler play gym
If you're a mummy or daddy, chances are you know and might well have, the Fisher Price Rainforest play mat - it's really popular (we have one) for a good reason - the music is great, the toys that dangle off it are great, it's roomy (square) and babies seem to love it.  However, Fisher Price have released an alternative, the newborn to toddler gym, one that can last a bit longer, as it's designed for different stages of your baby's development.

The different stages of using the play mat

It's suitable from newborn - at this point, they can lie on their back and enjoy the coloured lights, music and dangling toys - and get some tummy time.  As they get a little older, they can reach out to grab the dangling toys and kick them.

Once your baby is able to sit up, the play mat goes together differently.  The end of the mat folds up and has little pouches on it that the baby is able to put things in, like the 5 coloured balls that come with the play mat.  They're also still able to grab the dangling toys and enjoy the mat from a different position/angle.

Once your baby is able to stand up, they can hold on to the bridge as it's very sturdy.  If they lean against it, it could fall over to be careful and make sure play times with it are always supervised.  The fun they can have once they can stand and coordinate better continues! The arch is also a runway/tunnel for the balls which gather either side (and can run out of the end).

These are pretty much all the parts it comes in, not many - there's also a little bag with the balls in, and the 2 toys that dangle from the arch.

The dangling toys beneath the arch with the coloured lights.
Dangling toys

Where the balls gather either side - see the flap holding them in place?  When that gets... I think it was 3 balls there, it opens up and they roll out - endless playing fun for the little ones :)
Balls gathered

The little man grabbing the toys that dangle, he also used the opportunity to grab his feet :)
Squidge on the newborn to toddler play mat
The music that plays is great and really responsive to their activity, encouraging them to interact and move the toys.  It plays for 20 mins and then will stop, you just need to slide the slider across again to start it off.

Squidge really enjoys this baby gym, we've been keeping it at his grandparents so that every time we go over he can have fun, tummy time and practise rolling over :)  We have pretty limited space at our house, in fact, our house is tiny, so we have to be really picky and choosy over what we keep in the house.

I'm not sure if he prefers this or the Rainforest friends play mat - he interacts with both differently, the Rainforest mat he can easily roll over on as it's wider, but with this mat he interacts with the toys more and grabs his feet more.

Please note, you will need to buy batteries for this,  for the music and lights.

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Sunday, 1 March 2015

Saturday, 28 February 2015

What will he be?

Happy Squidge

So often I find myself pondering what our little one will grow up to be.  What will he be interested in as he grows and develops and I don't necessarily mean will he like rugby or football (don't worry, it'll be rugby!), but I guess more scholarly stuff like will he like science? will he be arty and creative like me? will he be super clever like his daddy?

The best I can hope for is that whatever he likes and whatever he becomes, is that he's happy.  I think if he's happy in life then I've done a good job as his mummy.  Yeah there's some occupations I wouldn't want him to have (not that I'd stop him) as it'd worry me, like joining the army, but as long as he's happy in what he does and follows his heart, I'll be a proud mummy.

It's amazing just looking at him as a little baby on his play mat, and thinking about how fairly soon he's going to be a little boy progressing his journey in life, speaking, feeding himself and growing up. I feel a strange mix of sad and excited - sad that he's growing up because I love him being a baby, but also excited to see him grow up and learn what his likes and dislikes will be :)

Being a mummy is such a magical journey, often the hubby and I talk saying that we can't believe we waited so long to experience this.  My brother used to nag us to have kids all the time, telling me how amazing it was.  I do wish we'd listened as maybe Squidge would have been able to meet his crazy uncle then before it was too late.

I'm going a bit off topic now, but thinking about what he might become really excites me.  Are there any occupations you wouldn't want your child to do when they grow up?
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