Thursday, 18 September 2014

First week of maternity leave

Week 1 on maternity leave
L-R, Top-Bottom - Me at the Benefit event (after getting my hair cut) getting my brows blinged, my gel nail manicure, Matilda enjoying the tidy conservatory, my purchases and goodies from my day in town.

It's hard to believe it's now been a week since I started my maternity leave (well, technically I'm still on annual leave, but lets not split hairs).  While I won't be doing weekly updates on what I've been up to, I thought I might to begin with since it's totally new to me, and I'm curious if my first week of leave is similar to how you spent your first week off.

Wednesday (10th)
This was a pretty simple day for me, I spent the day chilling out, watching films (including WALL-E of course) and putting my feet up.

Thursday (11th)
This was a really busy day for me.  Got up in the morning, had a shower and washed my hair - then about 10:30 my in-laws popped over to take me to Topps Tiles to buy the tiles for our bathroom (we're having it redone next week).  We went to Wicks first (terrible selection) then B&Q (good selection, but if you want anything slightly colourful they're a little expensive) and eventually went to Topps Tiles - this is where I'd seen the tiles I really liked (soft minty greeny blue).  We have quite a dark bathroom so I need to keep the colours light.  I hadn't been feeling the baby move in the previous couple of days much either, so after getting back home and resting for a couple of hours, I called the hospital (maternity assessment unit) to see if they wanted to see me, and indeed they did. So the hubby made his way home and we headed to the hospital, where we were from about 3pm until 7pm.  Long day!

Friday (12th)
I have absolutely no idea what I did this day :P

Saturday (13th)
After being in the assessment unit on Thursday, they wanted me to come in again on Sat morning to go on trace again - everything was fine, Squidge's heart rate was good and my blood pressure was low.  From there we went to the Range to get some picture frames for the artwork I'm doing for the nursery, then we went to Mothercare (just a few doors down) bought the cot mattress and had the car seat base fitted to the car.  After that, we headed to the inlaws briefly, and then back home to put up the shelves in the nursery (looking very cute).

Sunday (14th)
We spent the day sorting out the bags of stuff we had in the conservatory - there was stuff everywhere! I should have done a before and after pic really - but our dining table was covered in bags as was our floor - while the room may not be perfect, it's now back to being usable as a dining room, and a place Matilda loves to chill.

Monday (15th)
Blogging, blogging, blogging!  I managed to write 6 blog posts over the course of the day and evening, write a freelance post and re-save and upload my latest pregnancy vlog - a pretty productive day.  It was so amazing knowing that I wouldn't be in work for another 9 months of Monday's.  The weather was lovely, I had the conservatory doors open, it was just the most lovely and productive day, if only all Monday's were like that :)

Tuesday (16th)
To balance out how awesome Monday was, Tuesday was a rubbish day.  I had an appointment at the antenatal clinic and to see an anaesthetist.  The clinic appointment was fine, although they did say that depending on next weeks' scan, they might induce me as early as next week! EEK!  When I booked in to see the anaesthetist the previous week they didn't have any free appointments, but they said they'd fit me in.  As you can imagine, this didn't happen (it should have happened 4 weeks ago!) so they've booked me in for next week with the same scenario but an actual appointment to see someone.

I also managed to have run-ins with 3 big brands - firstly BT - we have a probably with our hub in that the wifi constantly goes down and disconnects.  I tweeted about it which started up a long conversation about it... but after my last call to BT I don't have it in me to call them again, unless they want me losing my temper again.

Then there's Three mobile - they called me to offer an early upgrade a few days ago, so I called them back to discuss it, and after me being put on hold for over 10 mins, they disconnected the call - then sent me a text to apologise for it and asking me to call them again - whatever happened to calling the customer back???  So, I decided to not upgrade early, I was far too annoyed to go through their call centres, being put on hold for indefinite amounts of time again, I have better things to do.

Then we had a McDonalds for dinner - it's a 15 min drive to the nearest one, so hubby went and got it for us, and when he got back to the house he realised they'd missed including the fries we'd paid for - I  mean, how hard is it to make sure what is in the bag is what someone has ordered? Useless staff... they *always* forget something, literally every time we order from them.

By this point I was feeling really fed up with everything that happened in the day, I just wanted to go to sleep, forget about the day and start fresh the next day.

Wednesday (17th)
Another busy day!  I travelled in with the hubby in the morning, went to Cafe Nero for breakfast (chai latte and fruit salad).  Then headed to Boots to get my lips colour matched, then went to the hairdressers to get my hair done one final time before the baby comes.  Then I had some lunch in Costa (skinny iced latte, fruit salad and an emmental & mushroom toastie) before heading to the Benefit blogger and PR event (for my other blog).  After that, I headed to Superdrug as I was given a gift card to review their services, so I had gel nails done, and then about 3:30 headed home feeling utterly knackered!

So that was my first week on maternity leave, it's been up and down, mostly up, and quite busy! What did you fill your time doing when you first went on maternity leave, before the baby turned up?

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Wednesday, 17 September 2014

What's in my hospital makeup bag

My hospital makeup bag
The time has come for me to pack my hospital bag, well, that time was several weeks ago, and of course it's still not done.  But being a beauty blogger I do of course have my priorities straight and I have my makeup bag packed.  Probably one thing I really won't need or use, but none-the-less, it's packed and ready to go.  So here's a list of what's inside:

Real Techniques retractable kabuki brush (good for powder and blusher)
Urban Decay eden eye shadow primer potion (to keep my eye shadow in place)
Bdb brow pencil - something I really need!
Weleda skin food - I'm pretty sure my skin will need some TLC when I'm there!
Rimmel stay matte powder (self explanatory)
Collection Fast Stroke liquid eyeliner - I'm not me without a flash of liquid liner
Nanshy flat kabuki foundation brush - gotta have something to apply it with
Laura Mercier duo in black plum/sable - nothing OTT
Sigma E70 angled shading brush (for the eye shadow)
Korres lip balm in Guava - in a dry hospital I know I'll need this!
Makeup Revolution 'The One' foundation
Maybelline baby lips lip balm (more balm!)
Bourjois classic blusher - I'll either have no colour in my cheeks or too much :P

So they're all the makeup related bits and pieces I'm bringing with me - knowing me, I won't use any of it, maybe just the lip balm - but I'd like to think that at least when we go to leave the hospital I'll put on a little makeup, even if it's just my brows, some liquid eyeliner and mascara - but who knows, I might be far too exhausted to even think about that!

What did you do when you left hospital, did you wear any makeup to leave or when you were in labour?

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Monday, 15 September 2014

36 week pregnancy update

36 week pregnancy update
Top to Bottom, L-R: Lovely flowers bought for me by my team on my last day at work, Shelves finally up in the nursery with teddy bears and books on, Part of how my desk was decorated on my last day, My typical breakfast (yummy!), a load of baby laundry hanging up to dry (awww) and a derp face on my latest YouTube pregnancy update :)

It's been a bit of a rollercoaster of a week (in a good way).  Tuesday was my last day at work before starting annual leave and maternity leave.  I thought I was going to be really sad, but because it's only a temporary break I was actually ok.  Monday (the day before) Squidge was pretty quiet, he seems to have a quiet day once a week, and when I was at my antenatal appointment on Tuesday morning they said that especially at this stage of pregnancy, if he's having a quiet day they need to know about it. Alas, Wednesday he was also quiet, so Thursday (I know, I really shouldn't have waited so long) I called the hospital and they wanted me to come in.

They put me on the trace monitor and Squidge's heart rate was ok, but on the higher edge of normal (it was flitting from 140-177 bpm) so instead of being on trace for 20 mins, I was on it for an hour and a half.  Because of that, and it being my 4th episode in, they wanted me to pop back in on Sat morning to go on trace again - all was well, his heart rate was similar but he was pretty active so they didn't mind.  My blood pressure was low for the first time EVER! lol, it was 100/60 - the lowest I've ever known it (it's usually slightly high) - but seeing as I felt fine they weren't worried at all - and lets face it, it's much better for it to be low when pregnant than high!

We've also made great progress in the house this week.  Saturday saw the shelves go up in the baby's room and on Sunday we sorted out all the bags of stuff we had in the conservatory (this will make room for the bath that's turning up ready for the bathroom to be done, and the pram to move from the nursery) - so it's starting to come together now.  There's just another 2 boxes of stuff to go through, and then we'll be close to getting the nursery finished.

We've also had some generous friends, and altogether had £85 of Mothercare vouchers.  So armed with these we bought the cot mattress on Saturday, and the car seat base - so thanks to their generosity we only had to part with £35 of our own money, which was amazing :)

Lots of lower back ache, it just doesn't seem to subside at the moment and a lot of pelvic pressure since Squidge is well engaged!  Still been having my daily dose of heartburn with a side order of nausea, but that's nothing new.

This has improved a little, I'm still having to get up for bathroom visits in the night but I am sleeping a bit better, but in spite of that I'm still really tired and feel the need for daily naps now, only thing is, I begrudge napping in the day, it feels like such a waste.  I don't think our mattress is helping my achy lower back either, I just can't get into a position which eases the ache at all.

I'm weighing exactly the same as the last 2 weeks, which is about 10lb lighter than before I got pregnant, I'm really happy with this as the baby will be gaining weight so I'm essentially losing weight right now, whoop :)

Tomorrow - I have 2 clinic appointments, the normal antenatal one late morning and I'm seeing an anesthetist in the afternoon to talk about my options when being induced and allergies etc.  Hopefully after tomorrow I'll have a date for inducing me too, scary!

For stuff we've bought - just the cot mattress, car seat base, and 3 picture frames for the artwork I'm creating for the nursery.  However we've had quite a few presents!  Maybe I'll try and put these in a separate post :)

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