Monday, 20 April 2015

Fisher Price Thomas & Friends Tray Play Booster Seat

Gosh that's a mouthful of a title!  Sorry that I was a little quiet on here last week, thought I'd have myself a week off :)  Well, now I'm back and I have lots of posts to share with you! The first of which is about this lovely little high chair booster seat.

Now that we're in full swing with Squidge's weaning, a portable high chair like this is a must.  Space is pretty critical in our house, so we really liked the idea of a space saver like this.  It's still a little on the small side for him, so we have a rolled up blanket behind him, however he's now stopped falling to the side and can hold himself up really nicely (after these pics were taken).
Fisher Price Thomas & Friends Tray Play Booster Seat
The seat is great - it'll fit him for a long time.  Only after looking at this picture did I realise we had the table on all wrong! We've been doing it right since, but basically you just clip it into one of those red pegs sticking out depending on how big or little your baby is.  The seat gets strapped on - one strap goes behind the char and the other undeath.  The baby gets strapped in with a T trap too.

It has a Thomas the Tank Engine clip on toy that fits onto the table really well.  It doesn't need batteries or anything - the baby/child is able to move the train around the track - although Squidge's favourite thing to do is to lean down and chew the train and the yellow bar :)

Thomas the Tank Engine insert to the high chair

The Thomas the Tank Engine higchair unit (and table) is wipeable which is fantastic.  Gosh does he make a mess! (I'm loving the bee that few into shot when I was taking this picture too - he was massive!).
How the high chair all fits together

Squidge loves his high chair (he is loving weaning)
Squidge in the high chair

This is how it secures at the back.  You can make it looser or tighter so it fits to your chair.
How the high chair fastens onto a dining chair
Plenty of room for food and a beaker.
We actually went back home to Pembrokeshire this past weekend to visit family and we took this with us.  It folded up well into the boot and clipped onto my step-dad's dining chair well.  We also got it out when we went to a cafe yesterday - their high chair was enormous, far too big for him and didn't have a bar that goes between the legs and he kept sliding out - so we got this out instead which was much easier.  The only thing was that we forgot the Thomas the Tank Engine toy that clips in - and he wasn't being fed, so he got a little bored!

The RRP is £34.99 which is feel is good value for money. It's well made, easy to use, it comes ready made, plus it's nice and colourful.  Here's some 'customer action shots' for you :)

Customer action shots

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Wednesday, 8 April 2015

A Day out at Cefn Mably, Cardiff

Cefn Mably entrance sign

Somewhere I've wanted to go for a long time is Cefn Mably farm park - it's not far from where we live, it's not too big and by all accounts it's very popular.  Now that Squidge can look around at things and take things in, I thought it would be the perfect time to take him there - he's already obsessed with looking at our cat, so he clearly likes looking at cute animals :)

It cost us £6 each for 2 adults, and Squidge (in a pram) was admitted for free.  You first walk into a big canteen area, with an indoor play area for kids, and a couple of sofas.  We headed straight for the animals.  It's also worth noting we went on Easter Sunday at opening time (10am), by 11:30 am it was packed - there was a constant stream of people queuing to get in.

The first animals to greet us when we went in were 2 reindeer's, they looked very young and were very cute.  Just beyond them were 2 sheep, each with a cute little lamb. 


Here's one of the gorgeous little lambs - my second favourite animal after cats <3


This guy was awesome, he was really intrigued with Squidge and followed us as we walked around the cage :)  I think this is a red parakeet?


There were also some little chicks under a lamp - by the time I took this picture they'd all gathered in a corner to sleep, how adorable!


They also had a range of rabbits.  This was actually pretty sad as they were all unwanted pets and were looking to re-home them.  So sad that they were unwanted :(

Unwanted rabbits

More lambs with their mummies, these looked much younger than the other ones (literally days old)

Suckling lamb

He was so happy looking at the animals - he kept smiling at them :)  This was him smiling at goats.

Squidge smiling at Goats

They also had little kids there, OMG these were SO cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Squidge smiling at guinea pigs - he really really loved looking at these, and they had quite a lot of them

Squidge smiling at a guinea pig

Ignore the fact it's not in focus, I love how he was reaching out to them and the rabbit was reaching to him, so, so cute

Squidge and a bunny reaching for each other
I think they were as interested in us as we were in them :)

Mummy and Squidge looking at guinea pigs

Outside away from the indoor shelter were pony's and horses - part of their play paddock had a 'crashed' plane in it :)


This is the horse from the picture above - he's missing his left eye :(  He had an infection in it which got out of control so he had to have it removed - his name was David :)  He was really friendly, both Squidge and I gave him some smooths on the nose :)

A horse with one eye

There was also a combine harvester in a small enclosure that chickens and cockerels were flocking to - I managed to get this picture of a cockerel mid-song :)

A cockerel

Squidge and Daddy looking at the pigs

Daddy and Squidge looking at pigs

The pigs were lounging around - there were so many squiggly tails!

Sleepy pigs

I love this photo of them - Daddy having his hand nommed, and it was seconds after one of the Donkey's on the right did a massive and very loud eee-oooorrr!

Daddy and Squidge next to Donkeys

Fluffy Donkey ears :)

Fluffy donkey ears

After wandering around the place, the little man needed a feed, so we headed back to the cafe, ordered some food for ourselves and set up for Squidge to have a bottle and some solids. The had a big stack of (IKEA?) high chairs to pick from, all were nice and clean.

Waiting for food

He fitted in the chair pretty well considering he's still a bit small for them.  We gave him cod, mashed potato, carrot and broccoli and he LOVED it!  Our food was really good - fresh, what seemed like home made, the chips certainly were - and wasn't too expensive (I think we paid around £6 a meal).

Hungry baby

On the way back we saw some awesome views so we just had to stop and take a picture!

Fantastic view

After a fun-filled couple of hours, Squidge was wiped out

Sleepy Squidge
10 mins later he was awake and happy to be spending some quality time with Daddy

Happy Daddy and Squidge

We had a really lovely time at Cefn Mably, I'd definitely take him back there when he's a little older as he got so much out of seeing the animals.  Maybe when he's learned not to grab, and to smooth, that'd be a better time to take him back :)  The staff were really friendly, the facilities were clean and the change room well thought out and prepared.  Next stop, Folly Farm :)

Monday, 6 April 2015

6 month update

Age comparison

Today the little man is 6 months old, it's so hard to believe 6 whole months have passed since he entered our lives, it really is incredible how fast time goes when you have children, they grow SO fast.

It's also time for me to start getting myself in the frame of mind for going back to work, I think my first day back will be the 30th June and hopefully I'll be going back part-time - it's just a shame we can't afford for me to be at home with Squidge full time, but that's life.

Clothing haul
I've posted a couple of big clothing haul's recently, he's grown out of his 3-6 month clothes now and is in 6-9 months, although they're quite big on him, they do fit him a lot better than the previous size - lots of the older ones stopped being able to go over his head and his legs were too long for lots of the trousers.

Teething with Sophie

Still no teeth, but he has been sporting some pretty red cheeks, a hell of a lot of drooling and chewing his fists - and there is a lot of white up on his top sets of molars, strangely enough.  So there's definitely movement there, enough to cause him upset, but nothing actually through as yet.  This last week I've given him the Sophie the Giraffe I bought for him when I was pregnant and he's loving it!

Where to begin!  He was sleeping through like a trooper, until the 4 month sleep regression hit... I've actually blogged about it so you can read that here if you want to read more detail about it.  But basically, he wakes between 2-15 times a night - with the hubby and I each getting up on average 4 times a night each just to put his dummy back in.  The health visitor suggested weaning him off his dummy, however since he's teething she thought that would probably be a bad idea as he might need to soothe on it.  She also suggested at his 4pm food feed, to give him more, so a dessert too, to help fill him up. Then at his last feed (about 6:30) give him some porridge as it will help him to sleep. We've been trying that and I think it probably has helped, since then we've had 2 nights of him sleeping right through, most nights he's waking up, but more like 5 or 6 times, instead of 8/10 - so some improvement.

He's also started sleeping on his side, I'd say at least 50% of his night is spent on his side now and yesterday morning he even woke us up because he was on his tummy :)

At the last update, we'd been weaning him very slowly mostly on just baby rice, but since then we've stepped it up and have been introducing him to meat, fish, different flavours from vegetables and fruit to textures and small lumps.  

He's done really well and we're realising he really really likes lots of flavour - so potato, carrot things like that he absolutely despises by themselves - however, mix them together with parsnip and chicken and he LOVES it!  We add some of his milk to the food to help - it makes it less thick and adds a familiar flavour he likes.  Today he had fish (cod) with broccoli, carrot and potato (mashed not blended) and he devoured it - the fish was still a bit flaky which didn't put him off too.  He's even started chomping in readiness to chew - it's very cute, and VERY funny :)  I've been loving making up proper food for him too, and seeing what he likes and dislikes. 

Unfortunately we have uncovered a food allergy too - I didn't realise until a newsletter/email popped through from 'What to Expect' on foods to avoid feeding your baby - it mentioned Strawberries, and how they can cause allergies, especially if there's a food allergy history in the family, which there is thanks to me (I'm allergic to banana, and intolerant to things like eggs, pineapple, avocado etc).  He developed a nasty rash all over his chest and tummy - it went within a couple of days, but it started after I gave him some fresh strawberry, and then he had it again and the rash got worse.  I've cut strawberry (in any form) out of his diet and he's been fine since, so I'm pretty sure that's what it was.

Tummy time

By 6 months he should be able to do things like turn towards sounds, rolling over in both directions, reaches for objects and mouths them etc and in fairness, he's doing all of that.  For rolling over, it all happened at once.  About 4 weeks ago he rolled over for the first time, then a couple of days later he did it twice, and then for about 2 weeks he didn't do it again.  Then about a week or so ago I put him on his play mat and he rolled straight over, and every time I rolled him back, he rolled straight onto his tummy again (then screamed down the place as he hates tummy time and couldn't roll back).  A few days ago, he managed to roll himself back and he's done it quite a few times since but he's not as competent with it as he is rolling onto his tummy.

He's also done a tiny bit of commando crawling - he's tried really really hard to crawl and to get to a couple of toys when he's been on his tummy, he's pulled himself a long using his elbows, very cute and scary at the same time!

We've also ditched the play gym as it's just too restrictive with him rolling over, and instead he has a big Taf Toys play mat that's 1.5 metres wide by 1 m.  We have his toys on different sides of it for him to roll to - the mat is great, it has different colours, some squares have squeaks and noises they make, and one has a mirror on - he loves to look at himself in this when he's on his tummy :)  It's really nicely padded too.

Turning his head left with ease

While he still as a wonky head, it's definitely getting better, which is great.  He had another check up with the physio about 3 weeks ago - they were happy that he's turning his head to the left more easily and that his wonky head is now 'mild', but they wanted to see him rolling over more - so we're off back there on the 15th April for what should be a final check-up - huzzah!

  • No first word yet - but he has started babbling by saying 'ba ba ba ba ba' so it's only a matter of time before he says 'ma ma' or 'da da' - it's felt like he's been on the cusp of saying 'hello' for ages too - you can really hear him trying to say it
  • He's obsessed with pulling my hair, touching my face and grabbing the cat's fur - she's been great so far and hasn't retaliated
  • We're going through bibs like there's no tomorrow!
  • The pampers nappies we switched to (from Aldi) have been amazing, not one leak of wee-wee since we changed, whereas with Aldi we were needing multiple daily changes of clothes thanks to wee-wee leaks
  • He's pretty much grown out of his Shnuggle bath - it's up to 6 months and he barely fits in it now :/  So now we're looking for another solution - both hubby and I have bad backs etc so can't be bending down, so we'll see what we find

Squidge too big for his shnuggle bath

I've also started creating the paintings for his nursery, the ones I wanted to get done when I was still pregnant! Useless I know! Well, the Totoro one is nearly finished - I just need to add a bit to the bottom right and it'll be ready to hang.

Totoro painting

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