Thursday, 31 July 2014

Our babymoon in Cornwall

A couple weeks ago the hubby and I went away for a long weekend to Cornwall, for our babymoon. We'd picked St Ives on the back of dozens of recommendations from people we know.  We booked into a vegetarian B&B in Carbis Bay (just outside St Ives) called Coast (I'll talk more about that at the end).  Underneath each pic I'll talk a little about it :)

First view in Cornwall
So, our first day there.  We made the mistake of driving through St Ives... I'm not sure I remember being so stressed outside of family funerals... there were people EVERYWHERE, wandering into the road with their prams, absolutely no respect for the traffic, which was very slow moving.  Once we were out of there, to try and calm me and the baby down we went for a drive down a country lane to stop and have some sandwiches (I brought a picnic for the journey).  This is the view of where we stopped, pretty nice.  While we were stopped I said I wanted a Cornish cream tea, but I wanted to discover somewhere off the beaten track, somewhere quaint.  Fast forward a few miles down the lane and that's exactly what we found!  This little gem was hidden away, the lady who ran the place did it from her home in her garden and conservatory and the scones were freshly baked and still warm straight out of her Aga :)  It was perfect.

Cream tea at a discovered hidden gem
This cream tea was so amazing, and it was so peaceful.  We were sat on a picnic bench in her garden and there were lots of little birds flying around and interested in us.  When we'd finished our cream tea, Chris picked up some crumbs and put them on the edge of the table to see if the birds were interested, and what do you know, they flew up and took them away :)  We tried this a few more times and each time (apart from the last) they'd fly up, hover and pick up the crumbs - I think they're used to this :)

Seals at the seal sanctuary
After that we headed to the Seal Sanctuary.  This was a pretty expensive place to go (about £14 each), but it was money well spent because lots of that money goes on helping the seals get healthy and back to the wild.  There wasn't a great deal to do there, but after a long day travelling to Cornwall and driving around when we were there, we were happy with a chilled afternoon.

Penguins at the Seal Sanctuary
They also had penguins (and Otters) :)

Dinner at our vegetarian B&B (coast)
When we got to the B&B we realised it was a restaurant that was open in the evenings too (Except Sunday & Monday).  We were so knackered we stayed there.  The food was lovely, in fact, so lovely I didn't get any pics of most of it.  Both nights we had Halloumi and Sweet potato skins to start - it was such a treat being able to order anything off the menu.  Considering my hubby is a meat-eater, I'm a very lucky woman that we ate here for two nights :)

St Ives bay.. eurgh
The next day we decided we wanted to explore St Ives, but NOT drive into it.  Well, we kinda drove into it, parked up on the outskirts in a big car park and got a bus in.  This was a big mistake, the place is so incredibly busy we just couldn't enjoy it.  We don't like crowds, so coming here wasn't a good idea.

As idyllic as this picture looks, right behind us (about 2 ft) was a road with very busy slow moving traffic, meaning we were surrounded by petrol fumes.  And there were thousands of people everywhere, it was FAR from relaxing, so we decided to leave.

A discovered cove
After that nightmare, we went for a drive to see where it took us.  We drove through St Just and they had some festival on and the town was basically shut down, so we followed the diversion and ended up driving down what felt like a pedestrian footpath, the side of our car got massively scratched up from all the shrubbery, but when we got to the bottom there was a little car park believe it or not, and a wonderful little alcove of beach.  This little stone seat was next to a pebble beach with only a couple of people on it.

We sat there for about 15 mins taking in the peace before we decided to head back (needed a wee!). On the way back we drove through Penzance and stopped at a pub called the Pirate Inn, a nice enough pub with simple food, which is all we needed.  We then headed back to the B&B.

Carbis bay - very pretty
Once we got to the B&B we thought we'd take a stroll to the beach, we knew there was a patch just opposite the B&B and thought we'd give that a try.  Well, it was a struggle!  The path was incredibly steep (downhill), so steep that when we eventually got to the beach (20 mins later) my legs were trembling from steadying myself all the way down.  I knew I'd never get back up, with the pregnancy and the asthma, that just wasn't going to happen.

Needless to say, when I arrived at the beach, I was a bit grumpy, but after sitting there for 10 mins enjoying the sun (with factor 50 on) and sea I chilled out and enjoyed an hour or so there.  Chris was amazing, when we decided to go, we walked to the beach entrance and Chris ran back up the hill, yes, ran! and came back to get me in the car (awwww) - I was so incredibly grateful he did that.

Trerice house
With lessons learned, we decided to do what we love, visit National Trust sites / Stately homes and found this place, Trerice, we made a day of it driving there and looking around.  The house was ok, and the grounds were nice, but the highlight for me was the resident cat who came and cwtched down with us in a gazebo/bandstand.  We had a lovely chat with the site manager (who's cat it was) and enjoyed some peace and quiet.

Carbis Bay - view from our window at Coast B&B
If we looked out of our bedroom window and looked left, this was the view.  I wasn't tall enough to be able to do that, so Chris took this picture :)  The B&B was nice, it wasn't without flaws.  Our room was very small and we had to walk sideways around the one side of the bed to get to the bathroom (which did smell a little of wee - but it did look very clean).  The TV in the room was very small too and hard for me to see from my bed (especially without my glasses).

The food was great, but on the first day I ordered a mix of granola, natural yoghurt and fruit - sadly there was lots of banana in it, which I'm allergic to - it didn't say on the menu anywhere that there was banana in it.  I managed to pick it all out and avoided being ill (whoop).  It would have been nice to have had a little more choice for breakfast, but what they served was lovely.

The people who ran it were lovely though, the other guests were too, we certainly wouldn't be put off going there again, but I'd probably try and book a bigger room :)

One other annoyance about Cornwall was the drivers... it felt like EVERYWHERE we went, we got stuck behind some idiot doing 30mph in a 60, and there was almost no places to overtake, and on those rare occasions when we could, they'd do that horrible trick of speeding up and racing us - so frigging dangerous!  And some drivers just ignored all speeds, they'd do 40 everywhere, whether they're driving in a 30 or a 60... drove us nuts!

All in all it was nice, but not what we'd hoped it would be.  Cornwall is very pretty, but was too busy for us, and if we're honest, we might be biased, but we still do prefer the scenery around Wye Valley and Pembrokeshire - we're fans of the lush rolling hills, and I think Cornwall was a bit flatter than I expected.

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Monday, 28 July 2014

29 week pregnancy update

29 week pregnancy update
Top-Bottom, L-R: Homemade diabetic friendly lollies (diet lemonade), our new bedroom furniture (still waiting on the doors), Matilda helping us unpack the wardrobe, my growing bump :)

This week saw us end our long weekend away in Cornwall (will be blogging about our babymoon this week), saw us find out that we're having a boy (all mentioned in my previous update, which was late) and has seen me try to get used to doing my blood sugars every day.

It's been quite busy, on Saturday hubby finished painting the bedroom, and Sunday we made an early trip to IKEA with to buy a new wardrobe, chest of drawers and bedside cabinets - then our in-laws came over to help us assemble it all, and holy moly are we glad they did!

I've been managing to do my bloods every day successfully, I'm not sure I have the knack yet as it still hurts when I do it.  My problem is that I've got really poor circulation, so I have to ensure the needle pricks my skin quite deeply, otherwise I just don't get enough blood up to do the test.  But because of that, I'm ending up with little bruises all over my finger tips.

I've been quite tired this week, I think that's because I've been quite busy, and trying to deal with the heat.  If we lived in a normal house, it wouldn't have been too bad, but our lounge turns into our conservatory (with no doors in between) - what this means, over the last few days our house has been 28 degrees with no breeze... it's far to say, I haven't been sleeping very well.

Once again I wasn't able to weigh myself this week, and I really don't know how I'm doing.  I've had quite swollen feet, so I can imagine that I could have gained, but my diet has been really good, thanks to the diabetes (or baby-betes as I call it).

It's getting bigger by the day (as you can see in the pic above).  Squidge is moving more and kicking less, it's so lovely to feel him moving around :)

Tuesday (tomorrow) I'm going back to the clinic to see the diabetic nurse to see how I've been getting on, and then Wednesday I'm having my whooping cough jab.  All fun stuff!

Well, now we know we're having a boy, we can start to buy some cute little outfits.  When we were in Sainsburys the other day waiting for my prescription we wandered over to the baby isle and bought a couple of outfits for Squidge, I'm still keen on buying a cute little pair of Converse booties too :)

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Thursday, 24 July 2014

JellyCat haul

JellyCat dust bag

I promised this last week, it's a bit late but better late than never.  So, a blogger I know tweeted me a few weeks ago asking if I knew about JellyCat.  I literally thought she was talking about an internet cat, oh how wrong I was!

She pointed me in the direction of their website and I immediately fell in love.  I knew exactly what I wanted to buy for Squidge, and that was the bedtime bunny (23cm tall, and £13).

Bedtime Bunny jellycat

Yes we're having a boy and yes I bought this when I thought we were having a girl, but I don't think that'll be a problem, it's just a little bunny in a night gown, and I'm sure Squidge will love it.  It's super soft and very cute, I'm actually tempted to build up a collection of these for me as I love them so much!

Once the bedtime bunny arrived, I was struck with JellyCat fever!  So back onto their website I headed to have a look at what else I could buy.  I knew I needed/wanted to get some little teddy ornaments for the pram, and JellyCat sell them, so I picked three I really liked the look of, and took the plunge.  Here are the three I bought.

Penguin JellyCat

Owl jellycat

JellyCat octopus

A penguin, an owl and an octopus.  I didn't realise this until they arrived, but both the penguin and octopus have pull strings on them and they vibrate back up to a short string, nice!

The quality of the teddy's are fantastic, no loose stitching, all very neat and using high quality materials and if you buy them online, they each come in their own little dust bag. Don't get me wrong, you get what you pay for, they're not exactly cheap, but hopefully what we have out of it are teddys/toys that Squidge will grow up loving, and that's a price I'm happy to pay for.

Here's the baby collection of JellyCat toys :)

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