Friday, 19 December 2014

Breaking boredom

The games I play]
Vera John breaking bored

We all have little things we do to pass the time when we're bored - for me, it's when the hubby is on the computer and there's rubbish on TV, that's when I take to my phone or tablet to play games to alleviate my boredom.  Typically I play an assortment of the above games, mostly Two Dots and Plants vs Zombies at the moment.

Then there's the other danger, browsing Amazon and eBay and buying stuff we don't need (the lightning sales were a killer!).  I've also started doing the lottery again since I started my maternity, as they say, you have to be in it to win it!  

Then there's the silly games we (secretly) play in our homes when no one is looking, mine isn't so much a game, but I do like to pretend I'm a very skilled singer, mostly singing Stereophonics songs at the top of my lungs :P  No, I don't use a hairbrush for a mic :)

The people over at Vera & John are also on a quest to rid the country of boredom with their #BreakingBored campaign.  The nice thing is about playing their sort of games (casino, bingo etc) is that you do stand the chance of winning money while you play, where the kind of games I play (above) I don't get that chance.  They have loads of different themed games like Game of Thrones, Hitman etc, and the traditional table games (i.e. roulette).  One thing I liked is that you don't have to actually gamble if you don't want to, you could just 'pretend' and 'play for fun' - a nice touch that lets you see how the games work :)  Almost like a 'try before you buy' without risking any money.

As well as that, if you create an account they'll give you £5 credit, 100% deposit bonus and 30 free spins on the Boomanji slot machine :)  If you want to see their funny video about the silly things we do to rid ourselves of boredom, you can watch it here :)

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Thursday, 18 December 2014

10 week baby update

It's hard to believe Squidge is 10 weeks old, 10 weeks!  I can't believe how quickly it's going, it's like he's doing something new every day.  With that in mind, this is a very long post, so I'll crack on :)

Tummy time
Squidge with his nanny
Squidge with nanny

We've been trying to give Squidge as much tummy time as we can, his head is... well, it's mishapen with a big flat spot at the back.  The Dr isn't worried, she seems to think it'll fix itself, but we're trying to help by giving him tummy time on his play mat, and I'm using it as an excuse to cuddle him more on my chest/shoulder :)

Squidge sleeping in his moses basket
My little angel, fast asleep in his moses basket (which he's rapidly growing out of)

Going back about a week ago, we had spent 2 weeks being up with Squidge until 4-6am every night, he just wouldn't sleep when it was dark and we were slowly losing our sanity.  Although, the funniest occasion was when he kept us up until 5am.  We both then slept through the alarm the hubby had set (7am) for work and didn't wake up until after 10am!  When we looked over to Squidge, he was lying in his moses basket smiling his head off, the cutest thing ever.  We couldn't help but smile and giggle about it :)

Squidge punching Daddy in the face
Squidge punching Daddy in the face in bed :P

Well, after being utterly exhausted, we read up on what to do to fix his night and day that seemed to be the wrong way around and this is what we did.  His last feed of the evening (around 10pm), I take him upstairs and feed him in the dark (we have a light on in the nursery that gives me enough light in our bedroom to see him to feed him).  I don't speak to him, I only feed him and when he rejects the bottle, I put him in his moses basket.  If he cries (not grizzles) I'll pick him up and continue to feed him, but if he grizzles and whines I leave him as sometimes he'll go off to sleep.

This seems to be working, not 100% but a vast improvement on what we were getting!  Now he'll sleep from about 11pm until about 12:30-1am, then wake for a feed, and go back to sleep about 2:30-3am until about 8am.  It's so hard not interacting with him when he's sat there smiling his head off at me though... I'll share a secret, I do smile back, and sometimes I'll kiss him on the head (I can't help myself!)... I'm terrible I know!


Squidge in his bouncer

He's doing all the things he should be and more, it's really amazing to see him develop.  He's smiling, giggling and cooing, and even starting to bear is own weight when I stand him up.  A couple of days ago after changing his nappy, I stood him up on the change mat/table and he stood up alone, my hands weren't really touching him, just there to grab him when he fell or wobbled.  It's funny, he can't really push himself up if he's on his tummy, but he can bear weight on his legs, lol.  It's still his smiles that get me the most, he has the most beautiful smile he really does.

He's also been loving his bouncer, now that he's quite active in kicking his little legs, he gets a bit of a bounce on, he likes looking at the little dangling animals too :)

This is the sad part of the update... my milk supply is gone :(  I'd tried expressing more often, but the reality was I'd express 3 times in 3 hours and then I wouldn't get the chance again for the rest of the day.  Each express I was lucky if I'd get 5-10ml, so it's now been a week since I've expressed, which makes me really sad :(  I think the hubby is a bit disappointed in me for stopping too... I really feel like I've failed Squidge, I wanted to keep him having breast milk right up until 6 months.  I know it's an excuse, but I really was struggling to find the time to express, I feel like I've either been out of the house, or had visitors here a lot, and the time I've been alone and able to express, Squidge has been awake and needing my attention.

Out and about
Dyffryn House at Dyffryn Gardens

Daddy and Squidge at Dyffryn Gardens

Mummy and Squidge at Dyffryn Gardens
Mummy and Daddy with Squidge at Dyffryn Gardens Christmas craft fayre

Handmade tree ornaments from Dyffryn gardens
Handmade Christmas tree ornaments from Dyffryn Gardens (£2 each)

We haven't been too many places with Squidge as hubby has been super busy with uni work in the evenings and at weekends.  We've also had our boiler replaced as ours died, so we went a week without heating and hot water, not ideal with a new baby!  The hubby did manage to take us to Dyffryn Gardens last weekend though, to their Christmas craft fayre (with carol singers!).  We're members of the National Trust so we've been trying to head to NT places to take advantage of our membership (that's why we bought it, so we could visit places for free with Squidge over his first year).

Cooking & Shopping
Reeces Kisses - peanut butter and milk chocolate

Uncooked Ferrero Rocher brownies

Cooked Ferrero Rocher brownies

On a side note, I've also been experimenting in the kitchen!  I'd seen on Pinterest an image of Ferrero Rocher brownies, and considering they're the hubby's fav chocolate, I thought I'd give them a go - and they turned out fab!  I also made what I would call, Reeces Kisses, balls(ish) of crunchy peanut butter, covered in a blob of melted chocolate, which is then put in the fridge to set, super tasty!

Tassimo Costa Caramel latte
I've dug out the Tassimo machine and stocked up on t-discs, so I'm enjoying Costa lattes at home :) 

Festive arrangement from Aldi
I picked these up in Aldi, I was replacing some flowers and thought I'd opt for something more festive, and that would last longer :)

So that's my update, sorry it's been such a long one! Maybe I should go back to weekly updates?

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

MilkySnugz bottle comforter

MilkySnugz Mason the Mouse

Close up of Mason the mouse with a bottle

MilkySnugz Mason the mouse with a bottle

MilkySnugz dash the dog prototype

MilkySnugz zipper bottom

MilkySnugz are little teddy bear animals that you put your child's bottle in while they suckle at it. 

They have a zip-up bottom which is where to put the bottle in, and then push it up so it pops out the top of their head.  There's 6 different characters to choose from, the mouse I have is called Mason.

Each of the MilkySnugz have a hole in the tummy so you can see when your bottle is getting near the bottom.  However, if you have a baby that needs very frequent breaks in feeding (i.e. if they don't they'll be sick) then this can be difficult to see how much they have left.  More to the point, our bottles frequently got blocked and only by seeing how much was left, could we see if it was blocked, so this wasn't ideal for us until we switched to level 2 teets (Squidge is on comfort milk which requires a better flowing teet).

They're well made and fit the bottles well (98% of the bottles on the market), although the Tommee Tippee bottles do take a little coercion.  If you want to see if they'll fit your bottles, you can check their list here.

  • Help to develop their motor skills
  • Develop a bond with their MilkySnugz and not their feeding aid
  • Provides a teddy for them to have after they've stopped bottle feeding
  • Helps to keep the milk warmer for longer
  • A range of characters to collect
  • Not ideal for very young babies as it's not easy to see how much milk they've consumed
  • Quite large and bulky
  • Will need regular washing if your bottle leaks a lot (like Dr Browns) - although, they are fully machine washable at 30 degrees
  • Not very cheap - £19.95 each, so possibly more of a present :)

I think for us, Squidge is a little young to really enjoy these, and them work for us.  I think once he reaches an age where he is able to hold the bottle himself or the stage where we're not having to give him a break every 30/40ml to let the milk go down, this will be great as I really like the idea of them and the concept.  But for now, I think we need to be patient as he's just a little young for them.  In a couple of months we'll give them another go and let you know how we get on :)

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